Sunday Morning  Services

 Our Sunday morning church services start at 9:46 A.M  to worship and praise our all mighty God. Pastor Tim prepares all week for each Sunday service that corresponds to valuable life teachings and lessons. Abundant Life loves to welcome all new comers with a ALWC tote which includes some welcome gifts to make all of new comers feel as if they have been coming all along, everybody is family to us. 

Service Time: 9:46
Currently our Church meets at the Englewood Event Center for Sunday Service and all other gatherings.
Thursday Night Word Studies
Join us every Thursday night at 6:30 P.M. Every Thursday night we start off our word studies with a delicious pot luck that is sometimes themed and other times just random dishes that our congregation volunteers to make and share with each other because food is always a great way to fellowship and start a bible study off right! Since the word studies are at 6:30 P.M, we all share and enjoy dinner together. Pastor Tim teaches word studies and every other Thursday night, Rebecca Davis also teaches by his side with her own observations and shares her interpretations to better help our congregation understand the word. Everybody shares their opinions, their views, and supports each others growth in Jesus Christ as we are all a family who is just growing with the lord individually and together.


Address: 3069 South McCall Road, Englewood, F.L. 34224


Tel: (941) 460-3486


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